Winner of Poetry Competition

Winner of Poetry Competition from Mosstodloch Primary School:  Briony Stewart , Aged 10,  P6


A friendship is a thing we treasure
Every day we play together
Always there for a right good blether
Our friendship is forever.
Our hearts are as wide as an ocean
Our friendship goes round in a circle motion
To get a friend you don’t need a potion
You just need to leave your heart open.
A friendship doesn’t come in a certain shape or size
You can sometimes go on a bumpy ride
We will have each other for all our lives.

Winner from Milne’s Primary School: Dylan Moeller, P7

A Priceless Gift

Friends are priceless
And that is true
No other gift can match up to you!
Maybe next time
You see someone alone
Walk on over and say ‘hello’!
And together we’ll live in paradise.