FOBCY Helps The Churchyard Blossom

The FOBCY committee aim to make improvements to the Bellie Churchyard  in addition to maintaining it, keeping it neat and tidy and a pleasure to enter.    It was decided to make a major effort at brightening up the lower entrance area and so a new parking area was made, the road re-surfaced and the area generally tidied up.  We thank Colin Murphy and his team for their hard work and generosity in achieving this.

It was decided that plants would be ‘lost’ among the grass or cut down when mowing and strimming so a plan was made to make ‘Planters’ and plant them where they would be more easily seen, thus displaying plants and flowers at a good height.

Jeff made four planters and they were duly laid,  filled with good compost and soil and because of the lateness of the season, planted mainly with ‘annuals’ to provide some colour for this year.   Later in the season longer term planting will be undertaken.

The planters were made quite big so that they would hold a lot of soil and thus not need constant watering and hopefully good protection for the plants.  It is hoped to add a few more planters over the next year or two.

We have been pleased with comments received from passers by who appreciate what FOBCY has done here and who enjoy the floral display.

This will give you an idea of the size of the Planters – being for a churchyard, is Jeff trying to tell us something – he fits this one quite well!!

This is Dougie, our excellent FOBCY Gardner with Jeff – they were filling the Planters with soil.

This is the lower entrance to the churchyard from the Spey Bay Road and it is just possible to see all four Planters – they had not yet had any plants put in them.

The following images were taken in August 2017 and show just how well the plants have grown – they must like their surroundings.

Jeff L