Visit Bellie Churchyard – a special day out

Those who visit Bellie Churchyard know that it is a well kept, lovely historical and peaceful place to wander around or simply sit and think.

But the churchyard is set in a beautiful part of our country and you could plan a day out, getting to know the area, appreciating the wonders around us and perhaps include some healthy exercise at the same time.

Would you like to send us some of your photographs and thoughts about the churchyard and  a 10 mile area from it, to share with others, perhaps brighten the day of someone feeling a bit down or encourage others to visit.

Here are two photographs taken within about ten miles of the churchyard,  one of a simple parking area by a roadside and the other a viewpoint which is above a famous and rare geographical feature !!

We look forward to hearing from you – why not come to the next meeting of The Friends of Bellie Churchyard and tell us what you think (it’s this Friday at Baxters of Speyside).

Finally – an image of some research taking place in the churchyard.